[167 Pamphlets on Communism and Related Matters, Bound in 12 Volumes]

[167 Pamphlets on Communism and Related Matters, Bound in 12 Volumes]

[Various Authors]

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167 pamphlets spanning the 20s through the early 50s, consisting of pro- and anti-Communist propaganda as well as more general tracts on Socialism, labor, and human rights, including works by Clarence Darrow, Jacques Duclos, Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse-tung, and Dalton Trumbo, as well as a songbook by Joe Hill and a copy of the notorious antisemitic canard "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". The pamphlets have been bound into 12 (nonconsecutive) volumes by librarians at the University of Portland. There is a U. of Portland bookplate in most volumes (some have come loose), labeled "Capt. Browne Communist Collection". Captain William D. Browne, a Portland police detective, headed the local Red Squad for many years.Each volume consists of 9 to 22 pamphlets bound together in thin board wrappers with cloth spine. Volumes vary in height, width, and thickness (w: 14 to 16.5 cm; h: 21.5 to 24 cm; d: 2.5 to 5.5 cm). Each has a library label on spine, typewritten contents page on inside front cover, and library pocket on inside rear cover. There is light to moderate general wear to the exteriors of all volumes, with toning and bowing to boards and some tears to spine cloth. The pamphlets themselves are mostly in Very Good condition, although some are worn or marked. A comprehensive and fascinating collection.


Comprised of: "The Red Army", A. Alfred; "Marshall Plan - Recovery or War?", James S. Allen; "Smash the Scottsboro Lynch Verdict", idem; "Who Owns America?" idem; "The Enemy Within" S. Eugene Allen; Sense and Nonsense About Race", Ethel Alpenfels; "Industrial Slavery - Roosevelt's "'New Deal"', I. Amter; "The March Against Hunger", idem; "May Day 1939", idem; "May Day 1941", idem; "The Truth About the Communists", idem; "The American Farmer", George Anstrom; "Soviet Russia and the Jews", Gregor Aronson; "Communist Power in U. S. Industry", Andrew Avery; "Speech: On the First Anniversary of the Military Rebellion", Manuel Azana; "Communist Trade Union Trickery Exposed", Karl Baarslag; "The Federal Jury is Stacked Against You", Marion Bachrach; "You Are on Trial", idem; "A New Slavery", Roger N. Baldwin; "Framer and the Communists", Philip S. Bancroft; "Are We Aryans?", Gino Bardi; "Militarizing Our Youth", Roswell P. Barnes; "Speeding Up the Workers", James Barnett; "Farm-Dollar Blight", John Barnett; "They Gave Their Freedom", Rose Baron; "Why the Negro People Should Vote Communist", Theodore Basset; "National Defense Embodying Patriotic Education", Mrs. Wm. A. Becker; "Anti-Soviet Lies and the Five-year Plan", Max Bedacht; "Students Under Arms", Nancy Bedford Jones; "Is the Flag Worth Fighting For?" Joseph Allan Beek; "How to Organize and Conduct United Action for the Right to Live", Herbert Benjamin; "Shall It be Hunger Doles- Or Unemployment Insurance?", idem; "Japan in Manchuria", S. Dashinsky; "An Eye-Witness at the Wreckers' Trial", Sam Darcy; "What's Happening in the U.S.S.R.?", idem; "Industrial Conspiracies", Clarence S. Darrow; "Too High and Too Mighty", Walter Davenport; "In Defense of Negro Rights", Benjamin J. Davis; "The Path of Negro Liberation", idem; "The Soviet Peace Myth", Leo Dennen; "America at the Crossroads", Eugene Dennis; "The Fascist Danger and How to Combat It", idem; "I Challenge the Un-Americans", idem; "In Defense of Your Freedom", idem; "Eugene Dennis Indicts the Wall Street Conspirators", idem; "Nine Questions About the Communist Party Answered" idem; "Let the People Know", idem; "The Red-Baiters Menace America", idem; "The Third Party and the 1948 Elections", idem; "Borah, "'Borer from Within"', Elizabeth Dilling; "Dare We Oppose Red Treason?", idem; "'The Lady Patriot"' Replies", idem; "The Red Betrayal of the Churches"; "WANTED: A Presidential "'Man on a White Horse"', idem; "How Workers Become Engineers in the U.S.S.R.", V. Druzhinin; "France Faces Her Destiny", Jacques Duclos; "The Bill of Rights in Danger", Robert W. Dunn; "Company Unions Today", idem; "Spying on Workers", idem; "The British Strike", William F. Dunne; "Gastonia, Citadel of the Class Struggle in the New South", idem; "The Great San Francisco General Strike", idem; "The Supreme Court's Challenge to Labor", idem; "Why Hearst Lies About Communism", idem; "Turning Point for the World", R. Palme Dutt; "The I.W.W. in Theory and Practice", Justus Ebert; "What Shall We Do About the War", Sherwood Eddy and Kirby Page; "Sedition!", J. Louis Engdahl; "A Tale of Two Workers", David Englestein and Carl Hirsch; "Is Patriotism Bunk?", Harry D. Farren; "Behind the War Headlines", J. Fields; "What is Socialism?", Ernst Fischer; "Rasse und Rassenentstehung Beim Menschen", Eugen Fischer; "Debs, Haywood, Ruthenberg", Elizabeth G. Flynn; "William Z. Foster", idem; "The Plot to Gag America", idem; "Stool-pigeon", idem; "The Road Ahead", John T. Flynn; "The Smear Terror", idem; "Peace Can Be Won", Gus Hall; "Which Way For Young Americans?, idem; "War in the Far East", idem; "The Record of Truman's 81st Congress", Rob Fowler Hall; "Maritime Strikes on the Pacific Coast", Gregory Harrison; "The Alien Influence in Our Midst", Merwin K. Hart; "Collective Security", C. A. Hathaway; "Why a Worker's Daily Press?", idem; "The General Strike", William D. Haywood; "One Hundred Years in Ten", A. A. Heller; "1/6 of the World", idem; "Who Wants War?", idem; "Behind the Swastika", Josephine Herbst; "You Cannot Kill the Working Class", Angelo Herndon; "Nazis in U.S.A.", Stefan Heym, "I.W.W. Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent", Joe Hill; "Once in 2000 Years", Heinrich Himmler; "Public Enemies in Public Office", Carl Hirsch; "Speech Delivered in the Reichstag, Feb. 20, 1938", Adolf Hitler; "Manual for Leaders of Children's Groups", Edwin Hoernle; "Dangers of '"Treaty Law"', Frank E. Holman; "The Trade Unions Since the N.R.A.", Nathaniel Honing; "Storm Over Bridges", Leo Huberman; "Collectivism vs Americanism", Chas. B. Hudson; "Communists and the Trade Unions", Roy Hudson; "Who are the Reds?", idem; "The Truth About the Liberty League", Grace Hutchins; "Women Who Work", idem; "Women, War, and Fascism", Dorothy McConnell; "The Rising Red Tide in America", Robert McCormick; "Bolshevism in Russia and America", R. A. Gowan; "ORT Economic Overview: Minority Groups in the U.S.", Carey McWilliams; "The Truth About Farmer Coughlin", A. B. Magil; "Socialism: What's in It for You?", idem; "Steve Katovis: Life and Death of a Worker", idem; "The Revolutionary Crisis is Maturing", D. Z. Manuilisky; Revolutionary Crisis, Fascism and War", idem; "China's New Democracy", Mao Tse-Tung; "Turning Point in China", idem; "Industrial Autocracy", Mary E. Marcy; "Shop Talks on Economics", idem; "Christianity vs. Organized Pacifism", Fred R. Marvin; "The Fruit of Paternalism", idem; "Police Brutality: Lynching Northern Style", Horace Marshall; "Who Betrayed France", Andre Marty; "The Soviet Union as a World Power", Scott Nearing; "Washington and Lincoln: The American Tradition", Joseph North; "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", 'Nilus' and Victor E. Marsden; "Palestine: The Communist Position", Paul Novick; "Americanism or Communism?", Walter Odale; "Does America Want Communism?" idem; "The War in the Far East", Comrade Okano; "The Organization of a World Party", O. Piatnitsky; "The 21 Conditions of Admission into the Communist International", idem; "Freedom, Peace and Bread", W. Pieck; "Soviet Ukraine Today", P. P. Postyshev; "Sabotage", Emile Pouget; "A Republic-- If We Can Keep It", H. W. Prentis; "The State Department and the Cold War", D. N. Pritt; "The Enemy Within", Mike Quin; "The Yanks are Not Coming", idem; "Soviet Tendencies or Socialist Control in America", Martin L. Thomas; "An Essay on Religion", George Thomason; "Is This Nation Ruled by Invisible Government?", Jacob Thorkelson; "A Great Iniquity", Leo Tolstoy; "Progressive Americanism", Joseph Ellis Torbet; "The High Cost of Hate", Ralph Townshend; "The History of May Day", Alex Trachtenberg; "The Heritage of Gene Debs", idem; "Harry Bridges", Dalton Trumbo; "Theses and Decisions: 13th Plenum & Draft Resolutions, 8th Convention of the C.P., U.S.A.", Executive Committee, Communist International; "Resolutions and Decisions, XVII Congress CPSU", Co-operative Publishing Society of Foreign Workers in the U.S.S.R."; "Programme of the Communist International, 1929", Communist International; "The Platform of the Class Struggle", National Election Campaign Committee of the Workers Party; "Program of the Communist International, 1936", Communist International; "The Programs of the Young Communists International", Executive Committee of the Young Communist International; "Programme of the Young Communist International", Young Communist International; "Constitution of the U.S.S.R.", National Council of American-Soviet Friendship; "The New Soviet Constitution", International Publishers; "Constitution and By-laws", Communist Party of the U.S.A.; "Resolutions of the 10th Convention", Communist Party of the U.S.A.; "Constitution", Workers Party of America; "Election Platform, 1936", Communist Party of the U.S.A.; "Election Platform, 1938", Communist Party of the U.S.A.; "Election Platform, 1940", Communist Party of the U.S.A.; "Acceptance Speeches", Communist Candidates in the Presidential Elections, 1936; "Campaign Book: Presidential Elections, 1940", Workers Library Publishers.

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