Unknown image of Brigham Young


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Date Published: [1877]
Book Id: 47046


Portrait [43 cm x 33 cm] of the Mormon leader and great American colonizer, Brigham Young, In attractive period frame [50 cm x 40 cm]. The artist and printer are unknown. A few small nicks to the frame. Image in fine condition. Scarce.


This image was presumably produced to memorialize Young's death. We are unable to locate this image in any work known to us (Holzapfel, Slaughter, Wadsworth, etc.), or in any institution known to us. We have located a single other copy in private hands. Beneath the portrait in the laower margin is printed: "President Brigham Young Died Aug.29th 1877. Aged 76 years, 2 months and 28 days.""I, Brigham Young, wish my funeral services to be conducted in the following manner: At my interment I wish all of my family present that can be conveniently, and the male members wear no crepe on their hats or on their coats; the females to buy no black bonnets, nor black dresses, nor black veils; but if they have them they are at liberty to wear them. The services may be permitted, as singing and a prayer offered, and if any of my friends wish to say a few words, and really desire, do so; and when they have closed their services, take my remains on a bier, and repair to the little burying ground, which I have reserved on my lot east of the White House on the hill, and in the southeast corner of this lot, have a vault built of mason work large enough to receive my coffin, and that may be placed in a box, if they choose, made of the same material as the coffin--redwood. Then place flat rocks over the vault sufficiently large to cover it, that the earth may be placed over it--nice, fine, dry earth--to cover it until the walls of the little cemetery are reared, which will leave me in the southeast corner. This vault ought to be roofed over with some kind of a temporary roof. There let my earthly house or tabernacle rest in peace, and have a good sleep, until the morning of the first resurrection; no crying or mourning with anyone as I have done my work faithfully and in good faith.I wish this to be read at the funeral, providing that if I should die anywhere in the mountains, I desire the above directions respecting my place of burial to be observed; but if I should live to go back with the Church to Jackson County, I wish to be buried there."

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