What Happens in Narnia, Stays in Narnia

San Francisco: Talentmoat, 2007. First Edition. AudioCD. CD. (from the description on the label's website:) Bucky Sinister is a San Francisco standup comedian and author. With a set of hard-earned chops from his misspent years on the punk circuit, Bucky's comedy continues the tradition of the storyteller comics such as Janeane Garofalo and Jen Kirkman. His comedic inspirations include Richard Pryor, Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Greg Proops, and Patton Oswalt. Sinister is a shadowy, Bukowskian figure who's loomed over town [San Francisco] for a while, and his debut CD What Happens In Narnia, Stays In Narnia is a journey through his inner psychoses via perplexing segments with titles like "My Date With Laura Ingalls." Sinister's approach finds himself propped up in a manner not unlike the late great Bill Hicks, a refreshing literacy missing in a lot of so-called indie comedy (so it's probably worth mentioning Bucky's penned a bunch of books too). He sounds like someone who's spent a lot of time recuperating from godknowswhat on the past's punk circuit (something he sounds well versed in), crawling his way out of a pit of fellow rehab zombies immersed in trash TV. His observations reel off in the form of angry spittle and get downright speedfreaky at times, he's a compelling and funny listen and quite different." Please note this is a CD only, there is no book publication. As NEW. Item #13524

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