God Family Country; Our Three Great Loyalties

Heber City, UT: Archive Publishers, 2010. First edition thus. Paperback. 423pp. Octavo [20cm] Paperback. NEW. Item #24682
ISBN: 9780984397259

From the publisher: This remarkable volume gives the reader an intimate glimpse into the deep and devout spiritual nature of the author, as he discusses the Deity, the family, and the nation. He speaks in the fearless manner so characteristic of him, giving heart and courage to the weak and the doubting. He gives strong reassurance to those who need a bolstering hand in defending true Christianity against avowed atheists, unbelieving intellectuals, and those who have political reasons for crushing true religion. To love Christ means service to Him with full heart and mind and soul. It is all encompassing. It embraces unquestioning faith, complete obedience, our day-to-day living habits, our family, and our civic life. The whole duty of man is to serve God and keep His commandments. Benson teaches that one cannot be a good Christian and be a careless or inactive church member. One cannot be a wholehearted Christian and not be a good family man, for a good family is indispensable to the highest kind of living. He also teaches that no man can be a good Christian and at the same time be a bad citizen, a law breaker, or dishonest in any form. President Benson points out the true pathway to the Lord, which is traversed only through faith in God and sincere application of His principles to daily life, including home and nation.

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