A History of Grand Traverse Region

Traverse City, MI: Grand Traverse Herald, 1883. First edition. Paperback. 59pp. Quarto [29.5 cm] Original tan printed wrappers. Near fine. Minor foxing to wrappers. A few small chip at the extremities of the rear panel. Uncommon. Pages 30 to 44 (chapters 18 through 24) deal with the Mormon (Strangite) settlement that was centered at Beaver Island. Printed in three columns. An interesting (albeit slanted) contemporary account of the interesting saga of 'King James' and the Strangites. After the martyrdom of Joseph Smith there was some dispute to who was in charge. Brigham Young claimed the mantle of leadership. Joseph Smith's heirs claimed the leadership for there family and a relatively unknown convert from Wisconsin, James Strang claimed the leadership of the fledgling LDS Church. Strang's claim came from a letter he received from Joseph Smith shortly before his murder, urging Brother Strang to set up a colony in the isolated area of Wisconsin where the Saints could be free from persecution. During Strang's short lived leadership the 'Strangites' turned the wilds of Beaver Island into a private kingdom for their revered leader. Flake/Draper 4817. Item #28078

Chapter XVIII: The Mormon Settlement on Beaver Island - Strang is a Prophet, Priest and King - Several Kinds of Subjects - Polygamy - "Consecration" - Religion and Robbery - Destroying Angels - Forts - Society of the Illuminati - The Covenant - Mormon Worship.

Chapter XIX: Pretended Loyalty to the State - Mormon Depredations - Horses and Cattle Stolen - Tannery Robbed and Burned - Piracy - Men Robbed on the Island and set Adrift in a Boat - Gentile Fisherman - Strang and Gen. Miller on an Expedition - Fisherman and Refugees at Pine River - A Battle.

Chapter XX: Mr. Dixon and family at Pine River - The Mormons Already There - Reorganization of Emmet County - The First Township Meeting - County Election Controlled by Mormons from Beaver Island - Property Stolen - Mormon Picnic on Holy Island - Intimidation - Mr. and Mrs. Sterling - The Women Left Alone - A Mormon Plundering Party - Preparation for Defense - A Night Watching.

Chapter XXI: Mrs. Dixon's Journey - Difficulties of the Way - Surprise at Bear Creek - Return to Pine River - A Courageous Woman's Stratagem - A Part of the Stolen Property Found - The Mormons Commence a Lawsuit - Sterling Leaves - Arrival of Pratt - A Consultation - Women and Children Sent Away - Arrival of Friends - Watching for Thieves - Pine River abandoned by the "Gentiles."

Chapter XXII: The Wheat and the Tares - Bitter Indignation Against the Mormons - The Conspirators - How to Enforce a Dress Reform - Strang Makes Enemies at Home - "Forty Stripes Save One" - Plans of the Conspirators - Assassination of Strang - The Assassins of Mackinac - General Rejoicing Among the "Gentiles."

Chapter XXIII: Fisherman's Expedition - Retribution - The Innocent Suffer with the Guilty - Narrative of a Mormon Witness - The Mormons Driven From Pine River.

Chapter XXIV: The Pine River Country after the Expulsion of the Mormons - Arrival of Immigrants - The Rover and her Passengers - Mr. Dixon's Return - Mr. and Mrs. John Miller - A Dream and its Fulfillment - A Mormon Demand for Rent - Early Settlers on Pine Lake - Lost in the Woods.

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