Who is Bozo Texino?; The Secret History of Hobo Graffiti. Bill Daniel.

Who is Bozo Texino?; The Secret History of Hobo Graffiti

Texas: Bill Daniel, 2005. DVD. A documentary film directed, photographed, and edited by Bill Daniel. 56 min, B/W, photographed on 16mm and Super 8, mastered on Digibeta NTSC. Nicely printed DVD housed in matching folded cardboard box, artwork on the front and rear. Small booklet and sticker laid in the box with the disc. NEW. Item #37947

A masterpiece of documentary filmmaking. Who Is Bozo Texino? about the 100+ year old tradition of hobo and rail worker graffiti. This project is the result of a 20-year study of "monikers" and was put together from hours upon hours of 16mm and super 8 film. The footage was taken by the filmmaker on various freight trips across the Western United States, and includes interviews with some of the railroad's greatest graffiti legends: Colossus of Roads, The Rambler, Water Bed Lou, Herby (RIP), Coaltrain -- and the granddaddy of them all, Bozo Texino. The film also captures the beautiful country that the rails snake through, and, of course, the trains and the hobo/railworker monikers drawn in chalk along the sides of the railroad cars. We also catch glimpses of the socioeconomic history of hobo subculture from its roots after the Civil War to the present day. We get priceless moments with tramps encountered along the way, full of crazy wisdom accrued from years riding the rails. We see some of the grand clichés as well as the harsh realities of tramp life. "This mostly-factual cinematic account of the epic search and unlikely discovery of hobohemia's most legendary boxcar artist, faithfully photographed in realistic black and white film at considerable risk from speeding freight trains, will likely amuse and confound you in its sincere attempt to understand and preserve this mysterious artform."

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