Blackman & Griffin's Price List

Ogden, Utah: 1905. One folio sheet [32 cm by 44 cm] folded at center to create four pages. The front page has a decorative floral border. Front page lists the prices for: butter, cheese, eggs ("Fresh Utah. None better graded than ours"), strawberries, pickles, oranges and lemons, cabbage, asparagus ("of Utah growth, is the best ever") and alfalfa seed. The second and third pages contain eight different panels all with differing decorative borders. The panels promote the stores wide variety of wares. The final page is an advertisement for the quality of the stores Oranges and Lemons. "We are told, in the days of yore, before our forefathers could read or write, they used emblems and later rude pictures to express their meaning. In this manner we use the accompanying picture of the Squirrel as a means of impressing upon you the fact that the Oranges and Lemons packed in cases with a squirrel on the label indicates the stock is Fancy and always uniform in size, color and superior in every way." - from rear page. Item #14334

Price: $75.00

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