Complete Litmus Run. Charles Bukowski, Edward Smith Charles Potts.

Complete Litmus Run

Salt Lake City and Berkeley: Litmus, 1973-1976. Litmus first editions. Paperback. All books are in fine or near fine condition. Bound in various colors of illustrated wraps. Many with stapled bindings. Victoria Mundi is a black hardcover with a gilt stamped title on the spine. It also has a dust jacket. "Litmus first editions edited by Charles Potts and published by Litmus, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, Reverend Sherm W. Clow, President." Item #22678

Includes Extreme Unction by Andy Clausen, Poems Written Before Jumping Out of an 8 Story Window by Charles Bukowski (A Litmus First Edition), Poems Written Before Jumping Out of an 8 Story Window (Second printing with added correspondence), The Flutes of Gama by Edward Smith, All the Bar Room Poetry in this World Can't Mend This Heart of Mine by Kell Robertson, Magnus Annus by Peter Rutledge Koch, Vanish by David Hiatt, Victoria Mundi by Charles Foster, The Refillable Steamy by The Babylon Theatre, Waterweed by Jo Merrill, Exposed to the Elements by Karen Waring, Going (Poems: 1973-1976) by Edward Smith, Lucky You by Mike Finley, Peyote Toad by Charles Foster, Valga Krusa by Charles Potts, The Incomplete Works of Richard Krech, A More by Charley George, The Opium Must Go Through by Charles Potts and Robert McNealy The Golden Calf by Charles Potts.

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