Trying to Get it Right

Evanston, IL: Waterbug Records, 1995. AudioCD. CD. NEW. NEW. Item #24737

From the publisher: With a spare, often chilling lyric style and a voice that shimmers like an arrow in sunlight, Salt Lake City's Kate MacLeod delivers original songs in the folk tradition. These are songs that will pass freely to other singers. She plays guitar, harmonica and fiddle, superbly.
"Alaska" sketches the moody inner monologue of a drifter. "Angels on my Mind" is written from the point of view of a miner who was ill, home from work, the day that the fire in the Wilberg Mine broke out near Orangeville, Utah, Dec. 19, 1984:

"Maybe someday, maybe someday, they will find a replacement for the hard hearted black coal
Then leave the mines lazy, let them lie lazy
Let them lie lazy, those dark shafted fire holes
Angels on my mind..."

Like a fine painter, MacLeod captures not only her subject matter, but the space around it, and the feel of time passing, by seconds, by generations. Trying To Get It Right ends with Jean Ritchie's "None But One". An apt choice. Kate MacLeod is a worthy musical descendent of Ms. Ritchie, a songwriter worthy of the name, folksinger.

Price: $15.00

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