A New Map of Texas, Oregon and California with the Regions Adjoining. Compiled from the Most Recent Authorities. Pocket Map.

A New Map of Texas, Oregon and California with the Regions Adjoining. Compiled from the Most Recent Authorities

Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, 1846. Large colored map measuring 21 inches by 23 inches [29 inches by 31 inches in mat and frame]. The map, with light fold lines, is just a little tilted within the frame. The folder is absent. Moffat 14. Wheat 520. Item #57411

A highly important pocket map, noteworthy because this map was the map that Brigham Young used on his journey west. This map is not only a rare map of Texas, with the Texas panhandle reaching into Wyoming. but also a map which is unusual for the fact that it depicts the entire grandiose west. The Utah information is based on Fremont. The Oregon Trail and Fremont's route runs through Utah. Utah forms a part of "Upper or New California," which extends below the Gila River on a line from Puerto Penasco to above Tucson, then to a point northeast of Lago Guzman. There is also a narrow strip of unclaimed land that runs along the west bank of the Rio Grande from El Paso to its headwaters between Texas and Upper or New California. Oregon swells north to 54° 40'. Moffat highlights a note that is printed in northern Nevada that states, "From the Great Salt Lake westward there is a succession of Rivers and Lakes which have no outlet to the sea, nor any connection with the Columbia river, nor with the Colorado river of the Gulf of California."

Carl Wheat writes, in Mapping the Transmississippi West, 1540-1861,"'A New Map of Texas, Oregon and California with the regions adjoining...' was a work of real importance, highly popular, and doubtless published in a large edition; on it the influence of the War with Mexico is strikingly revealed (Wheat 29)." Wheat then goes on to write, "... this map represents a great step forward, in that it was among the first by a commercial photographer to utilize the recent explorations that had bounded and determined the nature of the Great Basin... Because of its popularity, this map of the West exerted great influence, not only on the public but on other commercial cartographers.

Brigham Young admired the maps of S. Augustus Mitchell to such an extent that, as Wheat points out, he wrote in a letter to Joseph A. Stratton at St. Louis, February 18th, "I want you to bring me one half dozen of Mitchell's new map of Texas, Oregon, and California and the regions adjoining, or his accompaniment to the same for 1846, or rather the latest edition and best map of all the Indian countries in North America; the pocket maps are the best for our use. If there is anything later or better than Mitchell's, I want the best."

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