Item #58006 Strange Stories: Volume 1, December 2019. Daniel Cureton, Kylie Williamson, Amy Pittman.

Strange Stories: Volume 1, December 2019

Salt Lake City, UT: Forty-Two Books, LTD, 2019. First edition. 615pp. Quarto [25.5cm]. Illustrated wraps. New. Item #58006
ISBN: 9781734006704

"Forty-eight authors from around the world have come together and wrestled their works into submission that were sitting around in old files being fat and lazy, getting dusty in typewriters, and hiding in their notebooks! There is everything from the unusual, surprising, unsettling, the bizarre, unexplained, to the unanswered, wonderment, horrific, moral breaking and ethics defying.

In this volume, the reader will find flash and short fiction, film scripts, novelettes, a play, book chapter, and a novella. From tales of deities overdosing, forced castration, and penny fiction, to the strange occurrences of dimensional superheroes, exploding pizza joints, and alien cults, enter a world of fiction which will knock your pants off... literally! If you don't like to have your pants knocked off, then good, more for us!

Fresh and new, fall into the strange, surrender to the temptation of the weird, and read stories by authors from around world! Packed with over 600 pages of content, a STRANGE Adventure Awaits!

Featured Authors: Aunt Mame, Cate Dexter, Joyce Frohn, M.X. Kelly, R.J. Howell, Anthony Worman, Shaun Avery, Claude Lalumière, Evelyn Deshane, Daniel Cureton, Jared Linder, Joe Baumann, Kev Harrison, Meggie Nelson, Paul Lashway, Thomas Vaughn, Cathy Bryant, C.R. Langille, Jim Lee, Jules Zucker, Roxy Thomas, Michael Anthony Lee, Joseph Schwartz, Via D'Agostino, Ben Gamblin, Geoff Hart, Jack Lothian, Joel Martin, Kiki Gonglewski, Mark DaPonte, Ransom Wall, Stuart Hardy, Will Riley, Jack Wells, Viviana Ramirez, Linda Kay Hardie, Ted Snyder, Emily Dye, Iona Murphy, Martin Zeigler, Johannes Black, Brenda Wright, Cheryl Zaidan, Jocelyn Marshall, Justin Zipprich, Michael McClure, Rebecca Rowland, S. E. Greco, Wol-vriey."

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