Item #60301 Fugs Archive - 11 Items
Fugs Archive - 11 Items
Fugs Archive - 11 Items
Fugs Archive - 11 Items
Fugs Archive - 11 Items
Fugs Archive - 11 Items
Fugs Archive - 11 Items
Fugs Archive - 11 Items
Fugs Archive - 11 Items
Fugs Archive - 11 Items

Fugs Archive - 11 Items

1. American Theatre for Poets, Inc. [Cover title] The American Theatre for Poets, Inc. presents, March 29 & 30, 1965 at 9:00 pm The Fugs!. New York: East End Theatre, 1965.

First edition, 4to, [2] mimeographed leaves; original printed yellow staple-bound upper cover wrapper; a few spots from rusty staples in the gutter; all else near fine. Program for a rock concert featuring Al Fowler, Tuli Kupferberg, Ed Sanders, Peter Stampfel, Kenneth Weaver, Steve Weber, and Jane Holzer. Program accompanied by Sanders's poem "Coca-Cola Douche" and Kupferberg's "Jack Off Blues".

2. Berrigan, Ted, Paul Blackburn, John Keys, Al Fowler, Harry Fainlight, Ed Sanders, & Szabo. Despair: poems to come down by ... Despair the magazine of wad-technique. [New York: Fuck You / Press, 1964].

8½" x 11", 20 leaves printed from typescript on rectos only on mauve paper, near fine.

"Printed, zapped, puked, & published by Ed Sanders at a secret lovefare bunker in the lower east side..."

3. Burroughs, William. APO-33 bulletin: a metabolic regulator. A report on the synthesis of the apomorphine formula. Number one. New York: distributed by City Lights, [Beach Books Texts & Documents], [1966].

Second (but first obtainable) edition, staple-bound, 11" x 8½", pp. [2], 6, [1], 7-19; printed from typescript; printed brown paper wrappers, illustrated; text toned, else near fine.

Collection compiled by Mary Beach & Claud Pelieu.

"The legendarily rare Fuck You Press edition of this title published by Ed Sanders who abandoned the project before completion. According to Sanders 'maybe as many as ten or twenty' copies were distributed before he halted publication due to Burroughs’ dissatisfaction with the copy he’d received" (Jed Birmingham at the Bibliographic Bunker).

Maynard & Miles A12b.

4. Burroughs, William. The American Theatre for Poets, Inc. presents February 14, 1965 William Burroughs Valentine's Day Reading at the East End Theatre 85 East 4th Street [cover title]. New York City: 1965.

Staple-bound, 11" x 8½", 8 leaves including covers; printed from typescript on rectos only; printed yellow paper wrappers, fine.

Contains "Transcript of Dutch Schultz's last words" and "On the back porch of his farm" from "The Coldspring news."

Maynard & Miles F12: "Distributed at the reading."

5. Burroughs, William. Time. New York: 'C' Press, 1965.

Staple-bound, 11" x 8½", pp. [32]; printed from typescript; black & white pictorial wrappers, illustrated; near fine.

General editor: Ted Berrigan; Time editor, Ron Padgett; art director, Joe Brainard.

"Time, a book of words and pictures by William Burroughs, and with 4 drawings by Brion Gysin, is the fourth book in a series published by the 'C' Press. This first printing appears in 4 editions: 4 copies hors commerce; 10 copies numbered A-J, hardbound, each containing an original manuscript page by Burroughs and an original drawing by Gysin, signed by both; 100 numbered and signed copies; 886 copies in a trade edition," of which this is one.

Maynard & Miles A11a.

6. [Ginsburg, Allen.] Rips, Geoffrey. The campaign against the underground press. San Francisco: City Lights Press, [1981].

Large 8vo, pp. 176; facsimiles of newsletter covers and government documents throughout; original blue paper wrappers; very light rubbing to the upper joint, near fine.

Presentation copy, with the forward written by Allen Ginsburg and an inscription by him to his friend Terrence Williams, "Saw your sons in NY a few weeks ago. Here's the results (at long last) of our project a decade ago -- Finally the fruition... 3/21/84" An aside on inner cover adds "Peter's here cooking bok choi." Ginsburg and Williams often hosted one another between New York and the Twin Cities.

7. Pélieu, Claude. Automatic pilot!...Translated by Mary Beach. San Francisco: The Fuck You / Press, Fug-Press, in close & evil association, collusion & gropery with City Lights Books, Nov., 1964.

First American edition, 4to, 37 mimeographed leaves; pictorial staple-bound self-wrappers; a few soil spots, minor wear from handling, else very good.

8. Sanders, Ed, Ken Weaver, & Betsy Kline. The Fugs' song book. [New York: Peace Eye Bookstore, 1965].

8½" x 11", 27 leaves printed from typescript on rectos only on various colors of paper; very good.

On the contents page the name of "John Anderson - electric bass, electric guitar, tenor (tenuous" has been added in ink as a band member. Other members besides Ed Sanders and John Anderson included Tuli Kupferberg, Ken Weaver, Steve Weber, Peter Stampfel, Vinny Leary, and Moe Mahoney. Also included on the second leaf is "Notes on the Fugs" by Ed Sanders.

9. Sanders, Ed. Announcing the Fugs' cross country Vietnam protest caravan. New York: [Peace Eye Bookstore, 1965].

Two leaves, staple-bound (the second leaf separated from staple and with small tear at the corner without loss); 11" x 8½", lightly toned, previous folds and short marginal breaks, else very good. Phone number in pencil written in the bottom margin of the first leaf.

"Complete press kit for the Fugs' 1968 U.S. tour ... The press release details the planned auto caravan across country, protesting the war by giving concerts and holding demonstrations. The itinerary includes visits to James Dean's grave, the Kinsey Institute, William Burroughs's birthplace, and the cottage where Allen Ginsberg wrote Howl" (OCLC).

The OCLC record mentions a one-page "memergrapheda biographical sheet for the band" which is not present here, and which was not properly part of the press kit. In Sanders' autobiography Fug You, he notes that he published "a two-page press release on the Peace Eye mimeo," and makes no mention of the "memergrapheda biographical sheet."

Syracuse only in OCLC.

10. Sanders, Ed. The Fugs are coming. [New York: Peace Eye Bookstore, 1965]. Nice association copy.

Staple-bound, 11" x 8½", 2 leaves, the first illustrated and printed offset showing a photomontage attributed to Charro Pozo (Adam Davis at Division Leap speculates this may be a pseudonym for Claude Pelieu); the second leaf printed from typescript; edge creases; very good.

On the verso of the second leaf Sanders has written down his address while in San Francisco ("Ed Sanders / c/o City Lights / 261 Columbus Ave / S.F., Calif."). This piece emanates from the collection of Terrence Williams, then living in Lawrence, Kansas where Sanders and the Fugs stayed on their cross-country bus tour to protest the Vietnam War in October 1965.

Sanders writes in his autobiography, Fug You: "The packed Fugs VW bus, with a sign on the side, "Fugs for Peace," pulled into the driveway of Terrence Williams ... in Laurence [sic], Kansas. Williams was a rare book librarian at Kansas University ... who had been given a grant by the university to purchase publications from the Mimeograph Revolution. He was a regular customer of the Peace Eye rare book catalogues ... I had set up the visit from the Peace Eye Book Store.

"Terrence Williams recalled it: 'One day Ed called me to say that the band was traveling to California in a VW bus to attend an anti-Vietnam War rally ... He asked if we could put them up in Lawrence for a few days as they traveled west. Without asking my wife, I said 'sure. When will you be here?' ... Ed Sanders, Tuli Kupferberg, Steve Weber, and Ken Weaver brought the Lower East Side to our house. And these larger-than-life people from the foreign state of New York did literally fill our house'."

Yale only in OCLC.

11. Sanders, Ed. The toe queen ... with a foreword by Consuela. [New York: Fuck You / Press, 1964].

8½" x 11", 18 leaves (including covers) printed on mauve paper on rectos only (last leaf printed on verso only), side-stapled; near fine.

"Ed Sanders is the editor of Fuck You / a magazine of the Arts. Chairman of the Board of Stompers & Ejaculators, the Fuck You Press; Archon Mishuganos of the Council of Madmen in Amenti; & the only flamebrain in the lower east side with the Ankh sign tattooed on his penis. One may gobble up his 'Poem from Jail (City Lights Books)' & the forthcoming 'Gobble Gang Poems' on or under the counter at your friendly neighborhood book-hustler."

"Printed, published, zapped & ejaculated at a secret location in the lower east side ... fug press total assault on the culture." Item #60301

Price: $6,000.00