Item #60847 Cons de Fée: The Erotic Art of Wallace Wood. Wallace Wood, J David Spurlock.

Cons de Fée: The Erotic Art of Wallace Wood

Seattle, WA: Gary Groth, 2019. Second edition. 188 pp. Quarto. [28.5 cm]. Illustrated gold gilt and teal paper over boards. Item #60847
ISBN: 9781683961857

Wallace Wood is a world famous for the sexy women in his comics, from EC titles like Weird Science and Shock Suspenstories, to his 12-year-run on Mad, to the pages of Vampirella, and to his own creations: Sally Forth, Cannon, Dragonella, Far-Out Fables, Malice in Wonderland, The Wizard King, Animan, etc..

The roots of this collection are actually tied to the first erotic Wallace Wood collection, which was published in 1977 as Cons de Fée (con-d'-fay), which translates literally into English as "Fairy Cunts". It is a play on word with the French phase for "fairy tales", contes de fée. This book caused a great commotion as some in France mistook it for a children's book and it got banned. The publisher, Les Éditions du Fromage, quickly reissued the 55-page collection with an "adults only" label under the fun but toned-down moniker of Fées en Folie (Fairy Follies). Wood got a kick out of his first erotic collection causing such a fuss, so, despite the quite significant enhancements here, we continue the tradition of Cons de Fée title for this collection, a.k.a. The Erotic Art of Wallace Wood.

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