A Voice from Harper's Ferry, 1859: A Black revolutionary who was there

New York: World View Forum, 2000. Paperback. New. Item #63005
ISBN: 0895671360

"Few history books give Osborne P Anderson the recognition he deserves.

Anderson was the only Black combatant to survive the rain on Harper's Ferry and write about it. His account of this turning point in the struggle against slavery-- an armed attack by Black and white volunteers on a citadel of the South-- refutes those who try to minimize the role of African American people in fighting for their freedom. " - From the back of the book

- An essay from Imprisoned Black journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal, who says Anderson's narrative is 'a historical goldmine.'
- An Essay from Monica Moorehead, who calls it 'a stirring eyewitness account that helps an important episode in the struggle to destroy slavery.'
- An introduction from Vince Copeland, who discovered Anderson's manuscript and published it in 1974.

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