Item #63809 Collection of eight issues of Artforum International Magazine, each featuring contributions by artist Robert Smithson. Robert Smithson, Philip Leider Charles Cowles, John Coplans, publisher, Artforum.
Smithson, Robert; [Artforum], Charles Cowles (publisher), Philip Leider (editor), John Coplans (editor), et al.

Collection of eight issues of Artforum International Magazine, each featuring contributions by artist Robert Smithson.

Los Angeles and New York: Artforum International Magazine, 1967-1973. First editions. Eight issues of Artforum in their standard format [27cm x 27cm] all in Very Good to Near Fine condition.

The eight issues, each with cover artist attributions and the titles of the Robert Smithson's contributions contained within, are listed here as follows:

1- Artforum Vol. IV, number 10. June 1966. Issue cover art: "Drowning Girl" by Roy Lichtenstein. Robert Smithson article, p. 26: "The New Monuments and Entropy."
2- Artforum Vol. V, number 10. June 1967, Special Issue Summer 1967. Issue cover art: "Memories of Mike" by Larry Bell. Robert Smithson article, p. 36: "Towards the Development of an Air Terminal Site."
3- Artforum Vol. VI, number 2. October, 1967. Issue cover art: untitled drawing by Ad Reinhardt. Robert Smithson's letter to Artforum, published here on p. 4, is written in direct response to Michael Fried's article (which was published in Artforum Special Issue Summer 1967): "Art and Objecthood."
4- Artforum Vol. VI, number 4. December, 1967. Issue cover art: "Darabjerd I" by Frank Stella. Robert Smithson article, p. 48: "The Monuments of Passaic."
5- Artforum Vol. VII, number 1. September, 1968. Issue cover art: "Aluminum Piece" by Carl Andre. Robert Smithson article, p. 44: "A Sedimentation of the Mind: Earth Proposals."
6- Artforum Vol. VIII, number 1. September, 1969. Issue cover art: "First Mirror Displacement" by Robert Smithson. Robert Smithson article, p. 28: "Incidents of Mirror-Travel in the Yucatan."
7- Artforum Vol. XI, number 2. October, 1972. Issue cover art: 1971 photograph of spectators viewing "Medici" by Franz Gertsch. Robert Smithson article, p. 39: "Cultural Confinement."
8- Artforum Vol. XI, number 6. February, 1973. Issue cover art: "The Critic Sees" by Jasper Johns. Robert Smithson article, p.62: "Frederick Law Olmsted and the Dialectical Landscape." Item #63809

Robert Smithson is most well known for his "Spiral Jetty" at the Great Salt Lake-- an earth art installation spanning 1600 feet and constructed from mud, precipitated salt crystals, and basalt rocks. He died in a plane crash three years after its completion at the age of 34. Founded in 1962 in San Francisco, Artforum is a monthly internationally distributed magazine featuring contemporary art. It features advertisements from the premier galleries of the world as well as essays by the current leaders in the avant garde art world.

This lot of eight issues Artforum issues brings together all of the material Robert Smithson contributed to the magazine.

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