Item #64283 Head of the Narrows. Views on the Rio Virgen. Pa-Roo-Nu-Weap Series. John Wesley Powell, A. H. Thompson, John Karl Hillers, Jack.

Head of the Narrows. Views on the Rio Virgen. Pa-Roo-Nu-Weap Series

Washington DC: J. F. Jarvis. Photograph. Albumen stereoview [11 cm x 15.5 cm] on a yellow mount [11.5 cm x 17.5 cm] with a printed paper label on the reverse (No. 27). U.S. Topographical and Geological Survey of the Colorado River of the West. With a couple of blemishes to the surface of the image. Very Good. Item #64283

This stream is a tributary of the Colorado, in Southern Utah and Southern Nevada, called by the Indians Pa-roosh, (Roaring Water).

Pa-Roo-Nu-Weap is the Indian name of the principal cañon of the Long Valley branch. It is about 18 miles long, and from 1,200 to 2,000 feet deep.

Jack Hillers (1840-1882) was working as a teamster when he made the acquaintance of John Wesley Powell. The following year, 1871, Powell hired him as a boatman for his second expedition down the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon. Over time, he replaced Clements Powell (John's cousin) as the assistant to the photographer (first succeeding E. O. Beaman then James Fennemore). Hillers was a hard worker, highly regarded by his peers, and a fast learner when it came to the art of photography. After serving as the main photographer on Powell's trips, Hillers would go on to work for the Bureau of American Ethnology for many years.

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