Menzies, Richard & Richard Goldberger (ed.)

Salt Flat News: Wendover's Picture Paper. Volume 1, Number 1. July, 1970.

Wendover, UT: Salt Flats Publishing Corporation. Paperback. 11 pp. 16.5" by 11.5". Bi-fold. Fine with the exception of the crease at center. Cover Article is "Hermit Discusses Hippies". Cover photo is of an elderly man with a long gray beard wearing a fedora. Item #8301

The Salt Flat News was an eclectic and offbeat regional paper out of the west desert of Utah, containing articles and photos of events related to the Bonneville Salt Flats. The brainchild of Richard Menzies and Richard Goldberger, twenty-one issues of the paper were printed from 1970 to 1975. This paper was one of several underground papers that existed in the Salt Lake area during the sixties and seventies, including the Electric Newspaper,The Pillar of Salt, The Seventh East Press, The Street Paper and others. "The Only Paper In The World That Gives Damn What Happens On The Salt Flats"

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