Blackfoot Papers (four volume set)

Skookumchuck, B.C. Good Medicine Cultural Foundation, 2006. First edition. Hardcover. 300,420,208,620pp. Oblong octavos [26 cm] Illustrated color boards in slipcase. Profusely illustrated. Volume One: Pikunni History and Culture. Volume Two: Pikunni Ceremonial Life. Volume Three: Pikunni Portfolio. Volume Four Pikunni Biographies. May require additional shipping due to weight. New. Item #8952

Exhaustive in its scope this is a monumental work that has been forty-four years in the making. The Blackfoot papers represents a major addition to the annals of North American History and ethnology. This is one of the most anticipated histories of a single tribe ever produced, and an absolute must for the collector or institution that collects histories of the tribes of the North American continent.

Adolf Hungry Wolf was born Adolf Gutohrlein in southern Germany in 1944. At the age of ten he moved with his family to California. As a young man he became enamored with the native peoples of North America, and scrapped his plans to become a lawyer. He turned all his time and energy to studying tribal history and culture. While eating with an Indian family one evening someone remarked that he ate like a Hungry Wolf, shortly after he legally changed his name to Adolf Hungry Wolf.

Hungry Wolf met his wife, Beverly Little Bear at a Blackfoot powwow in Montana, and they married a year later. They added four children to their family (Wolf, Okan,
Iniskim and Star), and have been happily living at Good Medicine Ranch at Skookumchuck Prairie since the early seventies.

Although Hungry Wolf is of European and not Native American decent, he has lived a traditional Indian lifestyle for more than forty years and has been accepted by the elders of the tribe. He has been a passionate advocate of "the old ways" and one of its leading proponents now for many decades. This massive four-volume history is a crowning achievement in chronicling the life, history and traditions of the Blackfoot Nation.

"There are a lot of books that have come out in which the writers put things that they don't really know much about - white and Indian writers, both. People read such books without knowing that the information in them is not correct. Some of these writers come to us from cities and universities far way, studying us and our ways for a while, then they think they know all about us. It makes a big difference that these books are by somebody who lives among us, who joins with us in our traditional ceremonies and celebrations" - Blackfeet Chief Earl Old Person.

"When I started this project in 1962, it was planned as a memorial to a culture that everyone thought was dying out. Revival of Blackfoot culture since then has turned this work into a handbook for those struggling to keep alive Blackfoot heritage and culture for the future." - Adolf Hungry-Wolf.

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