3hattrio CD Release Concert

3hattrio CD Release Concert

Thursday, Nov 06, 2014

Ken Sanders Rare Books (268 S 200 E, SLC, UT)

The 3hattrio (three hat trio) celebrate the release of their new CD, “Year One,” in concert on Thursday, November 6th at 7:00 PM at Ken Sanders Rare Books (268 S 200 E, SLC). Cost of admission is $20. Advance tickets are available at the bookstore and seating is limited.

To preview the new album, go here: http://www.3hattrio.com/

To purchase tickets, contact Ken Sanders Rare Books, or go here: http://www.kensandersbooks.com/shop/rarebooks/41073.html?id=aDBehibU&mv_pc=648

Music, at its best is a dance between the wild and the civilized. On the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, the 3hattrio will perform a new vision for Western Music. 3hattrio embraces the folk traditions that have been inspired by landscape of the West but their music is also born of daily life in the desert of southwestern Utah where they all live on the edge of the Virgin River. The group presents a musical journey from old songs of the trail to new songs off the trail.

3hattrio’s songs are original, influenced by a wide swath of musical traditions from Caribbean to the ranges of the American West with subtle grace notes from the depths of jazz, blues, and classical styling. There is no genre that quite fits, maybe magic realism, or desert music?

Hal Cannon is a folklorist, radio producer, banjoist and singer. He writes songs, and also performs with Red Rock Rondo and the Deseret String Band. Greg Istock is a stellar bassist who came to Utah from Florida and has found his muse as a painter and musician in the desert. He brings a dash of Caribbean sensibilities to the 3hats. Eli Wrankle is a seventeen years old violinist and a sponge for music. He is the Concert Master of the Hurricane High School Orchestra and supplements his love of classical music with a keen improvisational ear. He is part of a family of artists. All 3hats live near the Virgin River and Zion Park.

To purchase tickets, and for more information about this event, please contact:

Ken Sanders Rare Books | 268 South 200 East, SLC, UT | 801-521-3819 | books@dreamgarden.com | www.kensandersbooks.com | Facebook: Ken Sanders Rare Books | Twitter: @kensandersbooks

“This music comes from people who seem to have more space and time in their lives. It is closer to the rhythms and sounds of the earth. Voice, banjo, bass, fiddle and percussion all weave around each other in space and time. It suggests an ongoing journey through an ever-changing boundless landscape. Forget ‘Americana,’ ‘Western,’ etc. This music doesn't belong in a box. It is the world's music. Let the world hear it.” -Jim Rooney (2009 Americana Producer of the year)

“I took a long listen to your profundo Gregorian sagebrush chant. You set the mood…something you might hear if Batman had his own channel on Serius XM Radio. I’m anxious to hear your first gospel album.” -Baxter Black (cowboy poet)

“What an absolutely FRESH/unique sound--both lyrically and melodically. I'm itching, for a substantive creative sound to help fill the immense void of that which is un-cloned? Oh sure, I catch glimpses of your music's derivations, but overall, the arrangements keep me guessing, keep me continually surprised, and thinking. I revel in that quality of art. THANKS for the courageous/fearless endeavors!" -Paul Zarzyski (Montana Poet)

“I truly love it. It's a concept album, with the songs linked together both through the lyrics and the arrangements -- so it has an Abby Road feel to it -- with a dark, moody Western strain. I catch new lines and emotions each time I listen to it.” -Steve Zeitlin (Director City Lore, New York City)

“I gave a quick look and thought.."uh,oh…here comes the concept over the content…Indie folk etc" but was pleasantly surprised. It works. Some it sounds like mantra music from India…with cowboy banjo. This is fresh. Fine work and glad you are taking the music in fascinating directions.” -Tom Russell (singer/songwriter)