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Featuring thirty-nine items about and by the renowned Utah historian. 

Catalog 42

A showcase of 78 newly acquired items relating to Mormon history, Utah history and Western Americana.

Catalog 40

Features 116 books about UFOs, alien abduction, crash sites, government conspiracies and, of course, crop circles.

Catalog 39

Features 111 broadsides, including signed editions. High points include Gary Snyder, Donald Barthelme, and Isabel Allende.

Catalog 38

Just in time for the holidays, Catalog 38 presents a diverse selection of books and photography, including some notable high spots of Utah and Mormon history.

Table of Contents

  • Utah and the Mormons
  • Western Americana & Exploration
  • Literature, Modern First Editions & Signed Books
  • Photographs & Photography
  • Illustrated and Children's