Remembering Vasilios Priskos (10/12/17)


By Ken Sanders

I opened my current bookshop in downtown Salt Lake in 1997. Although I had seen numerous INTERNET PROPERTIES signs all over downtown, I didn’t yet know who or what Vasilios Priskos might be. I couldn’t even pronounce his name. Newly...

May Swenson: Poetry is Pleasure

May Swenson
Poetry is Pleasure
by Ken Sanders

"In 1913 Swedish emigrants Dan and Margaret Swenson gave birth to a daughter in Logan, Utah. The slender, pale, blue-eyed blond could memorize and recite long poems by the age of three, but spoke only Swedish until she entered first grade. Growing up with...

L-25: Reference Sources for Researching Rare Books

Attention Colleagues and Fellow Bibliophiles,
I would like to take a moment to endorse Joel Silver's course at Rare Book School, "L-25: Reference Sources for Researching Rare Books," being offered this June at the Lily Library in Bloomington, Indiana. If you are a cataloger, researcher, or collector, this is the...