It's finally happening!

Tuesday August 1, 2023

After several years of effort, we are excited to announce our hours are shifting to full time at the Leo as we work to complete our move. This change goes into effect August 1! We are closed on July 31.

The KSRB 1st floor area and rare room are open...

Help Save Ken Sanders Rare Books!

Saturday July 25, 2020 12:00 PM - Wednesday September 30, 2020 12:00 AM

KSRB needs you!

To best support the shop at this time, contributions are being collected through our new GoFundMe page. (Click "website") ↑ ↑ 

KSRB is an integral part of the very fabric of Utah’s culture, and well known beyond our state borders. We are under very real threats, most immediately with the loss...

A Note from Ken

KSRB appreciates the outpouring of support from the community regarding the recent article in The Salt Lake Tribune (link above) concerning our future.

“Through Cosmic Aeroplane Books and Records, Dream Garden Press, and Ken Sanders Rare Books, I have been operating a retail bookshop and publishing company in downtown Salt Lake...


Ken Sanders Rare Books has 15,000 titles listed on our website but 100,000 books—on 7ft shelves and in scattered stacks—between our brick-and-mortar walls. Our lives have become very digital lately, but today we’re announcing a safe & secure welcome back to the bookshop. Whether you want to compile a stack...