Item #29019 Fire in the Pasture: 21st-Century Mormon Poets. Tyler Chadwick, Angel Chaparro Sainz Susan Elizabeth Howe, Foreword, Afterword.

Fire in the Pasture: 21st-Century Mormon Poets

California: Peculiar Pages and B10 Mediaworx, 2011. First edition. Paperback. 522 pp. [21.5 cm] Octavo. New. Paperback. Beautifully illustrated wraps. NEW. Item #29019
ISBN: 9780981769660

From the Foreword by Susan Elizabeth Howe :

"…the bounty of [this] anthology reminded me of Christ’s generosity in feeding the five thousand. Christ took real substances—a little bread, two small fish—and he created from them…food that nourished the people and made it possible for them to return to their lives both physically and spiritually renewed. Poets take matter (language, emotion, thought, experience) and make of that matter a new creation, a work of art that did not exist before the poet organized it, a work that has the potential (each poet hopes) to nourish—to make readers see what they did not see before, to offer insight, to create empathy, to provoke thought, or to express beauty, soundness, depth. To offer abundance in place of scarcity."

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