Item #59553 Stereo Card (Digitally Manipulated). Edward Bateman.
Stereo Card (Digitally Manipulated)

Stereo Card (Digitally Manipulated)

Self-published ( Digital image reproducing the concept of a stereoview by digital wizard E. Bateman, an artist and professor at the University of Utah. Signed by Bateman on the reverse. The image blends the concept of a vintage stereoview with the artist's digitally created subject, in this case, glass bottles and liquid. Item #59553

Edward Bateman is known for producing supposed historical artifacts which test our belief in the photograph as a reliable witness.

Bateman has exhibited his work internationally in over twenty five countries and is included in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and Getty Research. His work has also been included in the third edition of "Seizing the Light: A Social and Aesthetic History of Photography" by Robert Hirsh. (Information taken from LensCulture).

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