Mini Archive Between Terry Tempest Williams and Patrick Eddington of Green Cat Press Regarding the Publication of Her Signed Limited Edition Book, "Nine Cats, Nine Lives"

Ephemera. 3 pieces of correspondence, two from Terry Tempest Williams, one from her assistant.

A typewritten letter from Literary Assistant Monette Clark on an 8 1/2 x 11" sheet of paper with the letterhead of Terry Tempest Williams. Dated January 10, 2001.

A note card dated 7 June 2001. The author writes:

"Dearest Patrick / Perhaps it was the bird / the waxwing perhaps it / was your patience / perhaps it was cat knowledge / but you convinced me / Here is 'Nine Cats: Nine Lives.' / May it bring you pleasure / What follows is up to you. / Yours in Castle Valley / Cat heart to cat heart, Terry."

A note card dated 18 May 04. Terry Tempest Williams letterhead. She writes:

"Dearest Patrick / Thank you for the / elegance of 'Mini Cats, / Nine Lives.' It is an / exquisite book on every / level from the hand-tooled / tag to the paper to the / typography and artwork." Item #63528

Terry Tempest Williams is an American writer, educator, conservationist, and activist. This correspondence refers to Terry Tempest Williams' project, "Nine Cats, Nine Lives," which included nine brief essays on various cats in her life from her childhood to the year 2000.

Patrick Eddington (aka “Pat the Cat”) was a Utah artist and former high school art teacher, who spent over two decades corresponding with numerous artists and authors. He had has his goal, the desire to create “The Cat Project,” where literary and visual artists around the world were asked to produce original works about cats, which would be included in a traveling exhibition and book. This goal was unfortunately never realized, however in the process, Eddington forged many friendships, and frequently corresponded on a personal level with a variety of contemporary artists and writers whom he admired, over the course of many years via postcards and letters. Often, he would exchange gifts with the artists in the mail. He gained many artistic pieces and signatures in this fashion.

A mini archive illustrating a warm collaboration between author and printer.

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