September Gallery Stroll with Andrew Sato

September Gallery Stroll with Andrew Sato

Friday, Sep 20, 2013 - Saturday, Sep 21, 2013

Ken Sanders Rare Books (268 South 200 East - SLC, UT)

Ken Sanders Rare Books is pleased to a gallery exhibition with Utah artist Andrew Sato at our downtown bookstore (268 South 200 East, Salt Lake City), opening Friday, September 20th at 7:00 p.m. Please join us for the first gallery stroll of the Fall season!

Andrew Sato is an artist whose work exploits the bizarre place that has been his lifelong home, Utah. The religious community, history, culture, and geography are all strong influences for his art. Works of colorful, swirling imagery and symbolism are his response to life in the Beehive State. His surrealist style combines images and icons that have shaped him from childhood to adulthood, from Joseph Smith to Mickey Mouse.

Although most of Sato’s pieces are in oils, he works with acrylics, spray paint, digital collages, and printmaking. Whatever medium he is working in, he rarely plans out his pieces or has any set layout upon starting. Works instead form out of his need to capture fleeting experiences, thoughts, and emotions; creating permanence of things that appear and disappear from his consciousness. The process is not only one of self-discovery for Sato, but also creates a way to share and connect with others. Each piece is a learning process for the self-taught artist, as he constantly pushes himself to new levels of discovery and technique.

Sato’s work has been shown in multiple local and national galleries. He also has pieces displayed in this year’s edition of Direct Art magazine, out this fall. Sato is currently developing new concepts and methods for creating works, while exploring personal, undiscovered territory and ideas. He currently lives and works in Salt Lake City.

To see an online gallery of Sato’s work, please visit:

(Disclaimer: some of the images on the website might be considered inappropriate for children.)

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