Live Music at Ken Sanders Rare Books featuring Duncan Phillips with Anka Summerhill and Doug Wintch

Live Music at Ken Sanders Rare Books featuring Duncan Phillips with Anka Summerhill and Doug Wintch

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ken Sanders Rare Books (268 S 200 E, SLC, UT)

Ken Sanders Rare Books is pleased to announce a live concert with Duncan Phillips, Anka Summerhill, and Doug Wintch on Wednesday, Saturday May 10th at 7:00 pm at our downtown bookstore (268 South 200 East, SLC, UT). Please join us for a night of music and storytelling.

As the son of Bruce "Utah" Phillips, Duncan Phillips began traveling on the road with his father in the winter of 2000. Utah referred to Duncan as his "road manager," but Duncan jokes that everyone knows his father couldn't be managed. Bruce always had the dream of playing on stage together with his son, but as a kid, Duncan could never reconcile that, in learning to play the guitar, he would be learning one of the very things that kept him separated from his father for so many years. Duncan performed on stage just shortly after his dad's death in 2008. Along with Utah's old road-worn Guild guitar, Duncan inherited the songs and stories of the people and places that his father wrote about over his forty plus years of wandering the country.

Originally from Munich, Anke Summerhill’s international musical journey began in England where some of her earliest musical influences came from the radio and recordings played by her school housemother. When the family moved to Vancouver, BC, Summerhill finished high school in a visual & performing arts program, where she began to study drawing and guitar. Travels throughout the U.S. led Anke to settle in Salt Lake City in 1985. She soon signed on as a vocalist in the eight-piece ensemble Chenaniah and toured throughout the West. Songwriting was a natural extension of her passion for singing, and her own songs first found expression as part of the duo, Stillwater, which she co-founded in 1988.

Doug Wintch is "a guy who makes up songs and plays guitar and harmonica." Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Doug rambled across much of the U.S. as a ski-bum, cook, carpenter, and songwriter. Doug's interest in Bob Dylan's songs is evident, as are the influences of blues, pop and rock. Although his songs pay homage to these influences, they are not limited by them. Doug has a strong regional following-especially at ski resort music venues in Grand Targhee, Park City and Snowbird (where he also teaches disabled skiers). Many of Doug's songs are based on his own experiences, some of which are very small slices of life that planted the seed of a song.

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