It's finally happening!

It's finally happening!

Tuesday, Aug 01, 2023

After several years of effort, we are excited to announce our hours are shifting to full time at the Leo as we work to complete our move. This change goes into effect August 1! We are closed on July 31.

The KSRB 1st floor area and rare room are open for browsing 10am - 7pm, Tuesday - Sunday, and the underground area will be fully available to guests by our Grand Opening on September 29th. We're thrilled with the 1st floor experience so far and several key sections are fully moved, including children's, nature writing, occult, philosophy, art, and photography.

In the meantime, you can also enjoy incredible deals at the original location! A huge portion of the shop is currently half off and more sections go on sale every day!! The original location's reduced hours are Wednesday - Saturday, 1pm - 6pm.

We appreciate everyone's patience with such a complex process and hope to see you soon!